G4 Forefront 2016

An exclusive G4 learning program for the GOLD Community

01:30 PM, March 01, 2016

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G4 Forefront is a continuous learning program designed exclusively for GRI GOLD Community members to assist you in the application of the G4 Guidelines. The program is designed around a yearly webinar series to support both rst time as well as experienced reporters looking for more guidance and inspiration.

The webinars contain an informative element, delivering knowledge from the GRI Standards Division to help reporters understand the key areas of the G4 Guidelines. They offer the opportunity to gain more insight as the Standards Division share common pitfalls and challenges they have observed, as well as the opportunity to ask questions directly. Each session is concluded with practical insights from a reporting company, who will share their reporting experience on that particular area of G4.


The 2016 series consists of 6 online sessions available in both English and Spanish. Recordings of previous sessions will be made available on the GOLD Community private pages.

Please find the registration links to sign up for the sessions offered in English here:


Session 1 - Introduction to G4


Session 2 - Materiality and Boudaries


Session 3 - The Supply Chain


Session 4 - DMA and Governance


Session 5 - In Accordance and Transition to Standards


Session 6 - The GRI Support Suite

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